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The religions which have survived our evolutionary trip will be correctly constructed for our minds. The faiths which have survived ethnic selection will be perfectly built for our brains. Throughout background, believers have refused to renounce their faith under risk of execution, and many have devoted serves of murderous martyrdom.

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The religions that have survived our evolutionary trip will be properly engineered for our intellects. The faiths which have survived ethnic selection will be properly designed for our thoughts. Throughout record, believers have refused to renounce their faith under risk of execution, and many have committed works of murderous martyrdom. Whether one facilitates the edicts of beliefs or push, in the final research, both such beasts are certainly viral. The issue in finishing one’s connection with religious beliefs is apparent in the consequences that one must endure; most notably an acceptance of the impermanent life, and the loneliness of your life without God. Commitment to the faith is strengthened because if God is often the answer then one must keep studying, and praying to, God; one must stay addicted. Much like a drug, repeated doses must keep the head in a pleasured state. The entire head is corrupted towards fulfilling the religious addiction, exactly like in a medicine addict.

Unfortunately, which style for comparisons like this (delusion, pathogen, parasite, weapon, etc), which just makes people take it less critically. Some will aggressively propagate their religion while others take a more pacifistic position. I have had this same idea for a while now, but way to structure it out so eloquently! While most fail to resist withdrawal, others will replace one addiction with another. More than one new-born baby per week is being cared for for heroin addiction in the English city of Sunderland. Natually, that rebuttal lacks what one might look at a realsitic premise. I think this hub will a great job to dispel the myth and delusion of either camp, yet, the drugs lovers will not pay attention to reason. Yea, religionists appear to externalize their problems and achievements too, much like addicts. I feel like religious beliefs is a gimmick to control people. Like addicts though, some become tools for others, some not.

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Addicts will only make decisions that are tuned towards satisfying the addiction. A standard trait among medication addicts is a lack of decision making capacity. Similarly, faith asks us to swap reason with beliefs; requiring that each thought or decision is justified by an explanation that is dependent on God being truly a causal influence. I believe it’s a powerful analogy though because addiction therapy is actually a good way of deconstructing people’s trust; swapping it genuine reasons to feel strong and happy. They’ll attribute everything to God, and will feel a rapturous rush when discussing their faith. Acquaintances of recently turned Christians will article similar changes. To numerous people they are simply a new person; to Christians they are simply “born again”. Christians will travel the planet, risking personal injury and fatality to bring the gospel to those who find themselves susceptible to its message. Those who find themselves psychologically or genetically predisposed to addiction will suffer from. Whether through prayer, meditation, or worship, all religions compel the believer to receive regular “hits” of the religious experience, mirroring the dependency indicative of any addiction.

I expect the first criticism from a believer would be that they are completely different because of this. The get rid of for religious addiction is reason and courage. Once an individual has endured addiction for quite a while, any attempt at drawback may be difficult. Drugs have a variety of different results that rely upon the psychology and physiology of the individual. Drug users may ultimately overdose and die, demonstrating the harmful effects on the health of the addict. Some of the clearest effects of addiction are the exclamations of euphoria once thirst for the medication is satisfied. Spiritual believers can reach similar heights of euphoria during worship. Religious worshipers displaying euphoria. Typically, the Christian can look unnaturally content or happy in their belief. The brain responds in the same way to religious belief. These parasitic thoughts ensure their perpetuity through the use of the same subconscious mechanisms that maintain addictions to chemical compounds. I wish I had developed time to write an extended reply, but I very much appreciate your ideas.

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The Role of Religion in History » satisfying numerous drives that are natural to our evolved psychology; the essential mood-repair function is the same. Research is discovering that the same holds true for religion. Yep. I’ve been saying this ditto for years. Thanks Lawrence, I had written this a couple of years previously, so I’m pleased it still looks good! Lots of good points Lawrence. I used to be lucky to not have spiritual parents, but my college consistently pushed faith on me from an early on age. I was raised by spiritual parents, therefore i was born dependent on religion. The religious drug influences different brains in Abuse several ways. The strength of a medication plays a role in drug addiction. Great Hub. I believe a refutation would be that non-religion is also an addiction. Thanks getitrite. I think we show a amount of anger at our upbringing. Thanks Angie. I think that since Marx called religious beliefs the opium of people, there’s been an interest in making the comparison. Thanks a lot Petra. AFTER I was 16, the best expression I could produce to describe religious beliefs was “dependency”.

This transference of dependency is made easy by the addict’s vulnerability for receiving quick solutions for pain. Essentially, religion is the behavior of alleviating psychological pain with self-reinforcing delusion, and this makes it a highly addictive and insidiously pernicious condition. The kid will become dependent on faith from before it can rationalize for itself. Both drug use and religion can lead us to disregard whatever would otherwise induce us. During medication use there is a physical emission of dopamine in to the brain, which provides a pleasurable reinforcement of the take action. Drug use reduces the brain’s reaction to exterior stimuli. However addiction depends upon our substance and behavioral respond to stimuli, whether physical or emotional. Similarly, a kid growing up in a religious home has almost no chance of escaping the God addiction. Religious addiction symptoms include compromising rationality through the ardent approval of agreeable yet questionable theory, and the dismissal of most theory that can disrupt the entrenched position of comforting beliefs. Rather than physical addiction, spiritual conversion produces a emotional dependence that displays as a desire to perpetually experience the pleasure produced from comforting religious values.

As monotheistic religions give a more personal experience with God, this could explain their widespread success. This makes many people more susceptible to religious cases than others. Alcoholics anonymous (AA) was create to wean people off alcohol and onto faith. Later, while i discovered Marx’s estimate “religion is the opium of the folks”, I noticed I was on to something and started out putting this collectively. The physiology of faith confirms this addiction-reinforcement process through the discharge of dopamine, and genetic uniformity among believers. Our evolutionary course, navigated on the precepts of survival and duplication, has identified our popularity of religion. With relatively few renunciations, the assessment in religion is clear. The spiritual contrast is borne out by missionaries and martyrs. Wow, Thomas, a powerful comparison. I’m thankful you picked up on the difference between physical and mental addictions too. Unlike babies dependent on Heroin, there were no doctors there to wean me. Spiritual opinion is analogous with an addictive chemical substance drug, with both being an alacritous treatment for vulnerability, desperation, and major depression. The aftermath of 9/11. A spiritual overdose can have devastating consequences.